Zibro LC 300

EAN: 4963505719678

• Most popular electronic NF laser heater
• Best capacity / price ratio
• Compact exclusive design
• SAVE mode feature
• Multiple safety devices + CO2 sensor
• 5.4 liter removable tank
• Maximum burning time 65 hrs
• Fuzzy logic
• Easy to install
• 4-year warranty
• Made in Japan

Zibro LC 300

ZIBRO LC – 300: Designed by TOYOTOMI, the creator of the Zibro paraffin laser heaters, made in Japan; this NF model is the cheapest electronic stove available in Europe – Your choice for a light, compact and easy to install mobile space heater – No installation or evacuation is needed, just an electrical plug to put in the sockett –  Guarantees safety and quality for the consumer – Heats very quickly and in a homogeneous way small or medium volumes – Large autonomy with its tank of 5.4 l and its consumption between 0,09 and 0,3 liters per hour – Equipped with the SAVE mode feature and the TOYOTOMI Fuzzy Logic technology – Integrates everywhere  thanks to its sober and elegant design – Japanese technology at the right price –


800 – 3000 Watt


48 – 120 m³


376 x 296 x 428 mm


8,0 kg




NF version


Adjustable Combustion Mode, CO2 sensor, Save Mode


Manual Fuel Syphon Pump, Transport cap


Attic, Garage, Holiday home, Kitchen, Living room, Study, Veranda, Workshop