Zibro LC DX 320

EAN: 4963505722487
  • Wide range capacity 0.80 – 3.1 Kw
  • Exclusive modern design
  • Large autonomy up to 65 hours
  • SAVE mode feature
  • 5.4 l removable tank + cleangrip tank cap
  • Multiple safety devices
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Booster and extension mode
  • Operates at an altitude of 1.900 max
  • Easy to install
  • Manual syphon pump included
  • 4-year warranty
  • Made in Japan

LC DX – 320:

“Laser-type” electronic paraffin space heater; the new born model to the famous ZIBRO laser paraffin heater range, designed and manufactured in Japan by TOYOTOMI, the inventor of the iconic ZIBRO heater and global brand owner of this type of heating systems. With its modern design, it fits perfectly into your living room and it warms up in a blink of an eye very homogeneously. Without installation and evacuation, mobile and light, a simple socket is enough to start it. Large autonomy not only thanks to its very low consumption, its 5.4 liter tank, but also thanks to its famous SAVE mode feature,  which will save you fuel, adjusting the heat level exactly to your needs . Equipped with all available safety systems including an infra-red CO2 sensor. NF certified, guarantee of quality and safety for the consumer. Guaranteed 4 years – ZIBRO: often imitated, never equaled!


800 – 3100 Watt


48 – 120 m³


376 x 296 x 428 mm


8,0 kg


Silver / black


NF version, Without evacuation (flueless model)


Adjustable Combustion Mode, CO2 sensor, Extension Mode, Save Mode


Clean Grip Tank Cap, Manual Fuel Syphon Pump, Transport cap


Attic, Garage, Holiday home, Kitchen, Living room, Study, Tent