Toyotomi EPH-121

EAN: 4963505714406
  • Far-Infrared electric panel heater
  • 600 – 1200 Watt capacity
  • 3-way usage, wide – cross – convection heating
  • Rapid heating, reaching full performance within 10 minutes
  • compact, elegant and exclusive design
  • Lightweight only 7.3 kg
  • Multiple safety devices
    1. overheating prevention device
    2. tip over swicht
    3. product surface temperature detection sensor
    4. temperature fuse
  • 2 year warranty

The EPH-121 is an electric panel heater developed by Toyotomi. It consist of a double panel both with a built-in mica heating element, generating “far infra-red” heating.
It has a unique 3 way usage;

  1. both panels can be fully extended, to become a wide panel heater providing heat to wider spaces,
  2. both panel can be opended half way, to increase the heating effectiveness as far-infrared heat meets in the middle (cross far-infrared heating)
  3. both panels can be closed and the heater will become a natural convection heating system, to warm an entire room.

The EPH-121 panels can be widened between 0 and 155 degrees angle, one or two panels can be turned on generating between 600 – 1200 Watt of heat. It is provided with several safety devices like an “overheating prevention device”, tip-over switch and temperature fuse.
Its exclusive and elegant design will fit in any room even tight spaces, where it can be set in the corner of the room.



600 – 1200 Watt


35 – 80 m³


Closed: 490 x 322 x 507 mm, Opened: 920 x 212 x 507 mm


7.3 kg




Infra Red Heater


Overheating Protection