Wick type paraffin heater

Regarding Toyotomi’s  paraffin heater  product development processes, they have always been committed to reach specific  targets;

  • Develop heaters with the highest efficiency level,
  • Ensuring total security at all levels,
  • Reduce fuel consumption to the maximum,
  • Provide the user with more features

Today we ensure that we have the widest range possible of paraffin heaters, each with an innovative character or modern design. We distinguish the following range of unvented paraffin heaters;

  • Wick type heaters (single or double combustion type and round type heaters)
  • Laser type heaters  (or electronic type heater)

If we consider  the latest EU regulation 2009/125/EC regarding the eco-design requirements for local space heaters, our range of unvented paraffin heaters have to be classified as “flue-less local space heater, not suitable for primary heating purposes”.

Within the family of local space heaters, our paraffin heaters distinguishes themselves by their ability to heat important volumes, even if they are to be considered as a heating device to be used intermittently. It is a perfect heating solution once used as additional “local” heating source, in times you do not want to use your central heating system and economize on your energy costs, or if you need to heat a room where central heating is not available.

Wick type heaters have a “manual” or mechanic burner control system. You will only need 2 batteries to ignite the heater, otherwise no evacuation and no specific installation. Single and double combustion wick type heaters both have a removable fuel tank and their heating capacity lies between 2.2 and 4.65 kW, as for the round type heaters they have a fix fuel tank and capacity lies between 2.7 – 6.7 Kw.
The entry level price range consist of single combustion models (RS – radiant type)  next to our more elaborate “double combustion” models also named “double clean” (DC ).

Double Combustion Type Wick heaters:

The double clean combustion heaters originally developed by Toyotomi uses two burning chambers. The first chamber, called the primary chamber, ignites and burns most of the paraffin fuel and gives off radiant heat. The remaining unburned fuel is passed to the secondary chamber. In this stage it is further burned, producing additional convective heat.It results that the double clean heater reduces emission levels far below those of other paraffin heaters and this burner system also has a 25 % greater range of adjustment, creating more comfort.

Important features which occur on wick type heaters:

  • Triple safety extinguisher; there are different ways to extinguish the heater, by retracting the wick, by a simple touch of the safety button or once it is activated by the tip-over safety device.
  • Certain models have a wick life extender, which extends wick life up to 3 times its normal use.
  • Each model is provided with a durable carbon glass fiber wick, which ensures a longer wick life-time. This type of wick can’t be burned out easily, even if the heater runs out of fuel.
  • Each model is provided with an automatic ignition, by turning the knob clockwise the piezzo “spark” system will ignite the heater.
  • Most models have a removable fuel tank ranging from 4.0 liters up to 7.6 liters, no need to move the heater when refueling and the tanks are easy to carry.
  • Certain models comply with NF quality label requirements, in this case the heaters are provided with an additional infra-red CO2 sensor, otherwise our models are provided with a temperature heating safety device.

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You can find specific information on each of our wick type models by using the filter first and simply select on capacity, volume or a specific use.