Highly efficient heating solutions:

For thirty years, ZIBRO has been synonymous in Europe for all kind of heaters using liquid or solid fuels, like paraffin or wood pellets. The trademark ZIBRO is the property of TOYOTOMI for devices like mobile paraffin heaters or pellet stoves. ZIBRO mobile paraffin heaters for the use of space heating are highly appreciated by millions of users in Europe for their autonomy, mobility, reliability and effectiveness.

Designer and manufacturer of the first double combustion “wick type” heaters and first electronic regulation “laser” heaters, today, TOYOTOMI is the world reference in paraffin heaters and offers under the brand ZIBRO, the quintessence of the Japanese technology and design.

Next to their wide range of unvented type paraffin heaters Toyotomi is the only company in the world to manufacture also a range of paraffin heaters with evacuation, the so called FF-type heaters which stands for “Forced Flue” venting system.
Under the brand TOYOTOMI we offer a large range of electrical heating appliances as well as different formulas of heating liquids for our paraffin heaters.

Creator of the ZIBRO paraffin heater with its new concept of double combustion chamber burner, TOYOTOMI quickly chose to put energy saving at the heart of its research and development approach. Constantly improving product performance and regularly equipping them with new technological innovations.

We invite you to discover our extensive range of different heating solutions.