Compressor type dehumidifier

Comparing 2 different types of dehumidification technology:

A compressor type dehumidifier often called conventional dehumidifier is an old technology which you can compare with a small fridge.  It works by drawing in the air from the room which passes over a filter and then over cold coils (evaporator). As the coils cool the water, it condenses and drips into the water bucket within the unit. The air is then reheated to room temperature (when it passes the condensor) and blown back out of the dehumidifier.

A compressor type dehumidifier can run in temperatures ranging from 5 to 30 degrees centigrade with optimum performance above 20 degrees centigrade. They work well in warm and humid conditions but are less effective in cool conditions.

In general compressor type dehumidifiers consume  less power, on the other hand they make a little bit more noise and are heavier than most of the desiccant type dehumidifiers.
If you have to choose between both technologies, we can summarize as follows;

  • if the circumstances are above 20 degrees centigrade and there is a high relative humidity (everything above 60 % RH) in your room your conventional type dehumidifier will perform perfectly.
  • if the circumstances are lower than 20 degrees centigrade and even the RH is below 60 % in your room,  the desiccant technology will outperform the conventional type.

Toyotomi has a wide range of conventional dehumidifiers to offer, ranging from 10 liter to 30 liter extraction per day, each model having different features. For more information choose one of our models by using the filter and select on price, capacity or other features.