TOYOTOMI Dehumidifying


Toyotomi has a strong presence in the field of “indoor climate” electrical appliances, like for example dehumidifiers, always developing a great number of innovations and constantly improving the product performance.
Toyotomi is also a reference in Japan in dehumidifiers and they offer with their brand the quintessence of the Japanese technology and design.

In Europe the market for dehumidifiers is still growing, mainly because more consumers understands the need  for dehumidification in house. Not only the humid climate in general but nowadays even more because of insulation and double glazing moisture is being kept inside the house. The more people cook, dry their clothes, take a shower and breath, the more we are building up an uncomfortable and unhealthy condition in our house.

There are 2 dehumidifiers technologies, one is based on “rotary type compressor ” technology and the most innovative is based on desiccant technology, which is in fact Toyotomi’s core strength.

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