Local air conditioner

TOYOTOMI Local airconditioning

Toyotomi, more than 25 years experience in developing and producing local air conditioning.

Toyotomi developed one of the first mobile or portable air conditioners in 1992 and from that moment on began production of portable and window type air conditioning as well as other summer products. The first model TAD 1800 became an instant success and many other models have been developed through the years.
Portable air conditioners in EU are called Local Air Conditioners nowadays and Toyotomi offer 4 different  capacities (2.0 – 2.6 – 2.9 – 3.5 kW) using the most environmentally friendly refrigerant R 290 for your peace of mind.

Why chose a Toyotomi Local Air Conditioner?

  • In case you are looking for an easy and energy efficient way to cool a room or your studio apartment, without the hassle of installing a fixed residential type air conditioner and preventing you from a high financial investment, the best alternative would be a compact local air conditioner. No restrictions, many apartment buildings or sometimes local legislation do not allow you to have a window or split type air conditioner, in this case local air conditioners are a great alternative not protruding from the outside of your home.
  • They are mobile and easy to relocate the unit from room to room, they are not too heavy and can be used also upstairs.
  • The units are perfect if you live in a small space, to be used in rooms up to 30 – 35 m, depending on the different capacities you can choose.
  • These units are often bought for economic reasons as well, compared to a fixed split type unit which can be very expensive once they are running constantly to keep your house cool.
  • Local air conditioners can also be used as a fan or a dehumidifier. They are easy to install  and each unit is provided with a window duct set. Also easy to operate with an electronic or LED display and a remote control lets you control the unit from a distance.

Look at our actual offer of portable / local air conditioners and choose the appropriate model depending on the volume you would like to cool.