Air purifying

Toyotomi Room Air Purifier, creating a clean, fresh and healthy environment at home

Nowadays a realistic option to reduce indoor air irritants, especially for homes without forced air heating or cooling, would be a portable room air purifier. Especially for those people who have pollen or related allergies which keeps them from opening a window during the season, a room air purifier would keep your room clean and make it easier to breathe.

Why choose the Toyotomi air purifier?We carry 2 models of portable room air purifiers in our assortment, both table top or free standing models,

  • They are light weighted and easy to carry to different rooms in your house, they are designed to be used in medium sized to large rooms
  • Our models contains a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) which can capture ultrafine particles. Most filters have to be replaced annually but the Toyotomi filter can be washed and may run for several years, which will have you save money on the long run, often savings that might approach the cost of the air cleaner itself.
  • Low operating cost and noise level, imported if you run your air purifier in a room where you sleep or work.The Toyotomi filter is a so called customized filter, it contains a 4 layer filter:
    • Activated Carbon Deodorizing Filter, due to the high deodorizing efficiency the odour of tobacco, as well as pet odours will be removed.
    • HEPA air filter, this filter is used as a kind of dust-collecting filter. By folding Toyotomi’s non-woven fabric with special fine-spun fibres into concertinas, the area for collecting dust is increased up to about twenty times compared with our existing  models. Also this filter prevents the filter from lowering the filtering  capacity due to clogging and maintains the filter’s initial performance level for a long time.
    • Enzyme Bacteria Elimination Filter,  enzymes fixed to fibres hydrolyse and cut the molecular connections between the molecules in the bacteria’s  cell wall. Then, due to osmolality inside the bacteria, the cell walls are destroyed and the bacteria will die. Since enzymes abstracted from biological materials are used, there is no risk to the environment or humans.
    • Anti mold pre fitler, eliminate large dust particles and prevent modl caused by dust from generatingThe Toyotomi filter is washable and can be reused for approximately 6 – 8 years, saving money and the environment.

The many features like “information monitor”, remote control, auto OFF-timer or the ionizer generating negative ions, cleaning up dust and smoke, makes the Toyotomi air purifier one of the best models actually available on the market.