Energy saving

Toyotomi Co. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer worldwide in the field of paraffin heaters, who chose many years ago, to put energy saving at the heart of its research and development approach.
Recent European directives related to ecological design (Erp legislation) is imposing on manufacturers of local space heaters to improve energy efficiency and to improve for the consumer the regulation of the energy consumption of each heater.
While the greater focus is on environmental benefits, the EU is determined that the new regulation will help consumers to cut their utility bills through lower energy usage from more effective heating.

Energy efficiency

Toyotomi has met this challenge by incorporating smart solutions in their range of LC heaters, ranging from temperature control with timers, adaptive start control to presence detection and distance control.
For “Save Money, Cut Carbon” customers, we have good news, while our range of LC heaters (production 2018) will be fully compliant by introducing several unique innovations.
Toyotomi  is constantly improving product performance and regularly equipping them with new technological innovations, bringing to tens of millions of consumers worldwide,  the ultimate solution in terms of energy efficiency compared to other manufacturers of paraffin heaters.

Laser Clean burner

Paraffin heaters, made by Toyotomi,  like Zibro starting with the reference LC (laser clean) refers to the nomenclature of burners invented by Toyotomi (so called “pot type” burner system). The main advantage of the “pot type” burner system, lies in the fact that the evaporation of the paraffin needed for the combustion, is done without the help of an external evaporator, which on his turn is also consuming energy. Zibro laser heaters are by all means more energy efficient than other paraffin heaters using the so called “Bunsen” type burners.

Lowest consumption (Watt) during operation

The table shows a comparaison between Zibro LC models and models of competitors with “Bunsen-type ” combustion system. Comparing  models with identical maximum capacities in Watt (output), it shows the electrical consumption in Watt of each model during operation in maximum position (input).

From this table we can easily calculate the net capacity output of each model after deducting the energy consumption in maximum position.
Some important conclusions can be made regarding the energy efficiency of the Zibro Laser Clean heaters compared to its competitors;

  • During combustion at maximum position, Zibro heaters consume between 6 – 9 times less electricity (depending per model / capacity) compared to other heaters, using the Bunsen type combustion system.
  • During combustion at maximum position, Zibro heaters consume between 110 up to 152 Watt per hour less (depending per model / capacity) compared to other heaters, using Bunsen type combustion system.
  • The net capacity output  of the Zibro heaters are in fact 3 – 4 % higher, which in the end results in financial economies, especially for those consumers who uses the paraffin heaters regularly.

Lowest minimum capacity

The PL burning mode (position low), referring to the lowest capacity of the Zibro Laser Clean heater, which can be set by the consumer conscious of energy saving, is lower than any other brand paraffin heaters, emphasizing that Zibro is the ultimate “energy efficient” paraffin heater.

More burning modes (5-step system)

Each Laser Clean heater is equipped with a 5 step burning mode combustion system, starting from PL to P4 (position low up to position 4) the heater automatically selects one of the five burning modes to reach and maintain the required temperature, while at the same time it will manage maximum fuel efficiency.


As of 2018 production, the Zibro Laser Clean range of products has been equipped with a standard weektimer (all Zibro models except LC 3000 – LC 3010 – LC 30 – LC 130 – LC 300 – LC DX 320 – LC 40). Both the models LC SL 530 and LC 150 (as of 2020 production) will also have an additional presence detection and remote-control .

SAVE mode

For many years our Laser Clean range of products (except LC 3000 / LC 3010 before 2019 production) are provided with the SAVE mode feature, which function allows the consumer to regulate the heater and maximize on energy saving. While this function is activated, the heater will automatically switch off when the room temperature exceeds the SET temperature by 3˚ C. Subsequently, when the room temperature has dropped again to the SET temperature , the Zibro heater will automatically switch on again.

Unique features Zibro Laser Clean heaters

On top of Toyotomi’s goal to meet different targets related to energy savings by adding controls or improve its combustion system, we also introduce specific and unique features like Auto Clean system, Auto Diagnostic system or Clean Start mode, which is a highly innovative feature to reduce odour during ignition, emphasizing again Toyotomi’s unique position and why it has become people’s 1st choice worldwide when it comes to paraffin heaters.

Auto Clean mode

When the heater has been running continuously for 2 hours at its highest capacity setting, the burner will automatically start an “auto-clean” procedure. During 5 minutes the heater will burn at its lowest setting, while the burner goes through its cleaning cycle. The display will show the cleaning code CL:05 with a count down to CL:01 and will switch back to the initial setting automatically after.

Auto Diagnostic system

When something is wrong with the heater, for example ignition failure or sudden extinguishing, the LCD information display also indicates the error code. By referring to the error code table in the manual, you will be able to understand the cause of  a possible failure and act accordingly.

Clean Start mode

With this unique feature you can choose to extend the default ignition time from 150 seconds up to 270 seconds, which will result in a complete odourless ignition of your Laser heater and improving your daily comfort (feature available on models LC-135, LC-140, LC-40, LC-150 and LC-SL530).

By modifying the structure of the fuel pipe inside the heater and at the same time introducing a new sequence of the fuel pump, we have succeeded to reduce also the odour level during extinction.


Highest altitude to operate

The “pot-type” burning system allows the Zibro Laser Clean heaters to run at higher altitudes compared to other manufacturers. Our standard mode allows the heater to operate at an altitude of 800 meter, but with a special feature you can increase this altitude up to 1.300 meter or even higher up to 1.900 meter. Other brand of paraffin heaters normally do not exceed the maximum altitude of 1.000 meter.

Syphon pump included

Our Zibro Laser Clean heaters already have a manual fuel syphon pump included in each carton box. It is a simple but crucial accessory for your heater and most competitors do not include it.

Made in Japan

Our Zibro Laser Clean heaters  are made in Japan in accordance to the Japanese Industrial Standard and compliant to many local and overseas safety standards around the world. We offer 4 years guarantee.