Toyotomi products are used by satisfied customers worldwide. In order to assure the comfortable and safe use of our products by customers in each country, our products conform to the safety standards not only in Japan but also in every country around the world we do business with.

We invite you to read the instruction manual first, to ensure the maximum lifetime for our appliances. If you are no longer in possession of the manual of one of our specific products, you can find it in the product database of this website. In case a problem occurs on one of our products, you should always consult your manual first.

Depending on the brand of your appliance, our product comes with a 24 or 48 months warranty starting on the date of purchase.
Within this period all defects in material or workmanship will be repaired without any charge.

The following provisions shall apply regarding this warranty:

  • We expressly dismiss all other claims for damages, including consequential damages.
  • Any repairs or replacements of components within the term of warranty will not result in an extension of the term of warranty.
  • The warranty will no longer apply, when the product has been modified, non-original parts have been used, or when it is repaired by third parties.
  • The warranty will not apply to parts that are subject to normal wear & tear, such as batteries, the ignition coil, the wick, burner glass or the manual fuel pump.
  • The warranty will only apply, when you present the original, dated proof of purchase, provided no changes have been made to it.
  • The warranty will not apply to damages caused by actions not in compliance with the directions for use, neglect, and the use of an incorrect type of fuel, or fuel past its use-by date. The use of incorrect fuel can even be dangerous. Warranty on paraffin heaters will not apply when paraffin is being used bought at a gas station, only pre-packed paraffin in conformity with local legislation may be used.
  • Transportation costs and the risks involved during the transportation of the heater or heater components will always be the responsibility of the purchaser.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we recommend that you always read the ’Directions for Use’ carefully first. In case they offer no solution, please take the heater to your dealer for repair.