Loyalty program

During the last 70 years Toyotomi Co. Ltd as the leading manufacturer in the world of paraffin heaters, has accumulated a vast knowledge in the field of the distribution of correctly specified fuel for its heaters. This knowledge has resulted in the development of 4 different formulas known as, Toyotomi Plus, Toyotomi Max, Toyotomi Prime and Toyotomi Clear.

By using only our high quality Toyotomi fuel you are assured of an optimum combustion and a longer life cycle of your heater.

Please consider our Toyotomi loyalty program; by collecting in a simple way Toyotomi points each time you buy a can of Toyotomi Premium fuel.
Your loyalty will be rewarded and you can obtain different accessories for free.

Contact your local subsidiary for more information regarding our loyalty program or ask for a savings card and the exact details on how to submit your loyalty savings points.