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Toyotomi Co. Ltd., Japan, has associated its different brand names to the reliability and quality in designing and manufacturing high performance and innovative products, but also in creating a better environment for consumers all over the world.
Toyotomi has a clear vision, which is mainly to provide products and services with a high quality level to our customers, always with the rule of protecting the environment and improving living standards.
Their vision has led to the strategy to manufacture high-tech products at the best possible quality/price ratio, in order to establish a permanent relation of trust with their customers.The same strategy has led to certain highlights on which Toyotomi is focusing;

TECHNOLOGY: Toyotomi will continue the research, development and production of products in harmony with the modern way of life. Objective: the combination of performance, safety and comfort, with perfect design.

QUALITY: Toyotomi’s quality control system, originating from their automotive background, consists of an ongoing evolutionary process that includes the entire production and concern all the group companies.

RECYCLING AND ECOLOGY: In Toyotomi the dominant idea for the protection of the environment is reflected in the adoption of the following initiatives: reduction of waste production and recycling materials for the production of raw materials.

DISTRIBUTION: The Toyotomi products are available worldwide through a strong, highly effective and qualitative network of distributors, covering the entire Japanese market, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Our Brands

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