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For over 65 years, TOYOTOMI has been one of the world's largest and leading manufacturers of heating products but they are equally well known for other products like air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

The superior quality, reliability and performance of TOYOTOMI products are recognized by satisfied consumers around the world.

In Europe, TOYOTOMI is known for the famous ZIBRO paraffin heaters and the brand ZIBRO is seen as a brand of excellence and best in class.

As of 2014, TOYOTOMI CO., LTD. established an overseas sales office in the Netherlands, through which they are aiming in near future to expand their business dramatically in the field of electrical home appliances like air conditioning, dehumidifiers and air purifiers, next to maintaining their strong presence and market share in Europe for the sales of ZIBRO “made by Toyotomi” paraffin heaters.

ZIBRO is the leading brand in Europe for paraffin heaters and previously have been distributed under license by a local wholesaler.

As of 2014, the Japanese manufacturer TOYOTOMI CO., LTD. established their own subsidiary in the Netherlands, from where the European distribution and after-sales will be coordinated.

Besides paraffin heaters with the brand ZIBRO we offer a wide range of climate products with the brand TOYOTOMI, which includes air conditioning, (de)humidifiers and air purifiers.

The ZIBRO "made by TOYOTOMI" space heaters have long been a household name in Europe and can be used anywhere in your house, ideal for holiday homes, the workplace or living space. For optimum operation of your ZIBRO paraffin heater and as a guarantee for comfortable use and longer service life, we developed four different formulas of clean TOYOTOMI fuels available all over Europe.

Our European website is currently under construction but we will go live soon.
Meanwhile for more information we kindly invite you to contact us at +31 (0)413 82 02 95 or visit the foreign trade website of TOYOTOMI CO., LTD.